Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello Argentina, Good Morning Buenos Aires

Ezeiza Jorge Newbery Airport Buenos Aires

That's probably the first view a visitor sees after leaving the international Airport of Buenos Aires. Depending on what part of the year you are visiting it's hot and sunny with an always present breeze. It's pretty easy to get sunburned because this breeze doesn't make you feel the power of the always present and strong sun.
There's lots of noise and voices of a whole bunch of men and women from all over the world searching for their friends, family or clients with tons of luggage, there are the busdrivers and taxidrivers waiting for new clients because there is still no train connection to the airport and carrying visitors to the city centre is a really good business. It's about a 30-50 Minutes drive by car but make sure that you try to get catched up by your hotel or by calling a "Remis" (sort of your own driver) to the city centre inside the airport with fixed prices, otherwise your first invesment into the local workforce might come out pretty expensive.

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