Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting started

Frankfurt Airport

I've been working hard over the last few weeks to find a pleasing way for connecting my tumblr with this blog for being able to let tumblr be a photo-only publishing website with links to this blog for those who want to read a few insights, too. Here are the stories, my thoughts and many more to come. Some insights for equipment, stories, photo-editing and I'm planing to present a few of my most inspirational photographers at the moment as well as some very interesting blogs and websites I have inside my bookmarks.

To start with here is the first shot of a large series of travel-photography I did this year. It's probably the first real travel shot of any photostory as you are finally sitting inside the plane, waiting for take-off and thinking about the wonderful things you are going to discover within the time of your journey or travel adventure.

I will be mixing this up with some photos I took recently while carrying my camera with me. If you have any questions regarding editing, gear or getting featured, feel free to contact me by writing either a comment or sending me a short message via twitter. Make sure you're using one of the few following options below or via tumblr and twitter to get the latest updates as soon as they arrive here.

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